Friday Finds: Karma Baker

I had the wonderful opportunity to sample some amazing treats from Karma Baker. They sent me a complimentary Sample KarmaBox to review. The sampler box is priced at $54.00, is shipped in a sturdy box with an ice pack, and contains the following:

  • 1 Chocolate Cake pop
  • 1  Large Fudge Brownie
  • 2  Donuts (1 Chocolate & 1 White Buttermilk Donut)
  • 2  Big Fresh baked cookies (Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Cinnamon Chip)
  • 3  Jumbo Sandwich cookies (1 of each flavor… Chippwich, Oatmeal Chai and Karma Cookie)

What I Loved

  • Everything is gluten free and vegan.
  •  Everything arrived in pristine condition. The box traveled from the West Coast to the East Coast. Every item was meticulously packaged. There was no breakage and not a single stray crumb or crack was to be found.
  •  Everything was absolutely delicious.
  •  No gritty texture. No off-putting taste.
  •  Real ingredients that you can pronounce. No odd fillers.
  •  Everything was substantial in size. I really feel like this one fact makes Karma Baker really unique. We get so used to small: small slices of gluten free bread; super small gluten free cookies; and small boxes of gluten free crackers with next to nothing inside. Not with Karma Baker. Everything in the sampler box was sizable; that’s why you will see the word ‘substantial’ used often in my review. Everything looks exactly the way it looks in the picture below.

How Did Everything Taste?

  • The chocolate cake pop was pretty substantial in size. It had a nice thick coating on it with a hefty amount of nonpareils (which I loved). The chocolate was soft and delicious. It had the perfect balance. It was not dry and it was not overly moist. Perfect.
  • The fudge brownie had a bit of a dry appearance. I am a self proclaimed brownie snob, so I was a bit concerned. However, the brownie was delicious and was not dry at all! Again, like the cake pop, the brownie had a good balance. It was not fudgy and not overly cakey; it was somewhere in the middle. It had great chocolate flavor. It is substantial in size as well. I really enjoyed the brownie.
  •  The donuts were really thick and again substantial. There was a buttermilk and a chocolate. The coating on each was beautifully uniform and allowed for really good adhesion of the sprinkles. The coating is almost like a hard shell, so you really have to kind purposefully bite through it. The cake itself was soft and flavorful. The taste was amazing.
  •  The big cookies were the items that really caught my attention. They were huge – literally the size of my hand. They were LOADED with chips. The chocolate chip cookie was soft, but not too soft. The oatmeal was a bit softer and a bit more delicate. The flavor and texture were great! The chocolate chip cookie was probably my favorite item from the box.
  • The sandwich cookies were also really substantial in size, living up to their ‘jumbo’ classification. Two full sized cookies are filled with flavorful cream. The cream is not too soft and stays put inside the cookie. It also doesn’t ooze out when you bite into the cookies. I really appreciated that. The flavors were very good.

Closing Thoughts

I bet a lot of you are thinking, “I would never pay $54.00 for this.” I am there with you. It’s a lot of money. However, I reminded myself that last week I spent $6.50 on a box of well-known gluten free cookies that contained a few puny cookies that were made in a mass produced factory. Those cookies were unimpressive, small, and certainly not worth what I paid. My point here is this: there are nine items in the Sampler Box.

You are basically paying $6 per item, which I think is a value. If I were to buy a handcrafted gluten free & vegan bakery item from my local farmers market, I would pay that much or more for an item that would be half the size of what I received. I will say it again: every item in the box is substantial in size – substantial enough to share and for each of your to be satisfied. For real. If I was looking for a special gift to send someone, I would not hesitate to send this.

There is the potential for cross contamination with peanuts as the bakery creates items containing peanuts. Consult the bakery directly as needed. Thanks to Karma Baker again for this amazing box. I received no monetary compensation from Karma Baker outside of the complimentary Sampler Box. My opinions in this review are my own.

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