The Top New Gluten Free Products

Are you looking for the best new gluten free products?  Take a peek at some of my new favorites.

If you are anything like me, I am always on the lookout for new, delicious, and safe gluten free products.  I recently collaborated with the Nourished Festival and their brands to taste test some amazing products.  While I wasn’t compensated for my opinions, I did receive complimentary products to try.  This in no way influences my opinion.  As you will see, I will provide my honest assessment of the products that I tried.

Blake’s Seed Based

Honestly, I had never heard of this company before or seen their products, but I sure am glad that they reached out to me.  These bars are delicious.  I’d be completely content never reaching for one of my old go-to bars again and instead filling my pantry with these goodies.  You can literally see the goodness in every bar.  Each bar is Top 8 Allergen Free and lower in sugar than most bars on the market.

Blake’s Seed Based also has these amazing Rice Crispy Treat Bars.  I have never liked rice crispy bars before.  They are usually too sweet, too sticky, and are just too much for me.  So, I was a little hesitant to try these.  But these little cuties hooked me at first bite.  They are not too sweet, not too sticky, and they are just the right size if you want a little treat.  I will be buying these on my own – that’s how much I liked them


Goodie Girl – S’mores Cookies

The kind people from Goodie Girl Cookies sent along some of their brand new S’mores cookies for me to try.  I am a huge fan of Goodie Girl cookies and have used them in some of my recipes like this No-Churn FunFetti Ice Cream and Gluten Free Chocolate Cream Pie.  I have also been known to buy and hide their Fudge Striped Cookies (but don’t tell my kids).

Having said that, I am not a fan of S’mores in any shape or form.  I detest marshmallows (how is that for honesty?).  But I tried these little guys with an open mind.  They tasted quite good, but they didn’t remind me of Smores (which may have been a good thing for me).  My kids loved them!

closeup of s'mores cookies with text callouts describing features such as no high-fructose corn syrup, vegan, gluten-free, kosher dairy

They are a great little sandwich cookie.  I think they would be amazing dipped in chocolate (and I may just do that!).  I recommend these, but as I said, they don’t scream S’mores to me.

a box of s'mores sandwich cookies


Mom’s Place Gluten Free

I was having a crazy day.  I hadn’t given any thought to dinner, was out most of the day, and needed to bring my son to youth group right after dinner.  Thankfully, waiting at my doorstep was a care package from Mom’s Place Gluten Free.  I opened up the box to find a package of muffin mix, pretzel mix, and a small packet of cream of celery soup mix.  Totally stumped as to what to make for dinner, I decided to put that little package of soup mix to the test.  I cooked up some chicken breasts and sauteed some vegetables.  I mixed the two together and then followed the directions on the soup packet.  I mixed the soup into the chicken, added some cheese for good measure, and served everything over rice.  Know what?  Dinner was amazing.  This little packet saved the day!

While waiting for my son that night, I went to check out Mom’s Place Gluten Free.  I had never heard of them before or seen their products in any store.  I was intrigued, and once I went to their website, I was amazed.  They have TONS of products.  One of their best sellers is their Soft Pretzel Mix.  Let me tell you, these pretzels were insanely delicious.  I did not even get a chance to take a picture of the finished product because my family of five scarfed down every single one.  I assure you that they are easy to make, are soft on the inside, and crusty on the outside.  I opted to make the pretzel bites.

Finding Mom’s Place Gluten Free was the best find.  I’ve placed an order for more of their products including these soft pretzels.  I cannot recommend this company enough.


Sam’s Famous Salsa

We eat a LOT of salsa in my home.  My kids literally put salsa on everything – eggs, potatoes, pasta, vegetables, chips….  When it comes to salsa, we’re a pretty discriminating bunch.  I was really excited to try Sam’s Famous Salsa.  I received three different varieties to try: Mild, Medium, and Hot.


My first impression was “This stuff is fresh!”  Woo Hoo!  I cannot tell you how many times I have seen salsa that looks like it’s been overworked and overprocessed, and in those cases, I’m usually underwhelmed.  Well, I really loved Sam’s Famous Salsa.  The flavor was so good and authentic.  I served the mild and the hot with some tortilla chips to guests that we had over for dinner.  Everyone really enjoyed the salsa.  The hot variety packs a bit of a punch – but in a great way.  If you like heat, go for the Hot.

I also used the Medium salsa as a marinade for Carne Asada.  I mixed it with several other ingredients and let the meat marinate overnight.  I had never made homemade Carne Asada before.  It was amazing.  Such great flavor and such an authentic taste.  I’ll be doing that again.


The Gluten Intolerance Group

If you or someone you know is living the gluten free life, The Gluten Intolerance Group is your advocate.  This group is literally in your corner fighting the good fight to keep you safe.  They are a great starting place for anyone who wants support in knowing how to safely navigate a gluten free diet.  If you’ve ever seen these official markings on your products, you can thank GIG.  They have tested thousands of food items to ensure that they meet rigorous safety standards and are worthy to carry this symbol.

The GIG website is full of valuable information about current trends, news, nutrition, and research.  They have resources specifically for children as well.  Be sure to head over to their site; you’ll be glad that you did!


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