9 Outrageous Burger Ideas

Looking for a way to bring a little life to your ordinary burgers?  Well, check out these 9 great creative ideas.  There’s something for everyone!

Last year I had the opportunity to create some over-the-top, outrageous burgers for a food photo contest.  The process really helped me work on my food styling and photography skills.  It was a very fun way to learn, and I’m excited to work on a few entries for this year’s contest.

With summer’s last hurrah coming this weekend, I wanted to share some of my creations with you.  A burger doesn’t need to be boring or ordinary.  Think out of the box and you’ll be amazed to see what you create!  Each of these burgers was tested by my highly specialized panel of taste-testers (that would be my three teen boys).  All of the burgers received a thumbs up (and an empty plate).

While the buns featured in these photos are not gluten free,  all of the fillings are.   You may see some packaging in the photos from a company that does NOT make gluten free buns.   Please opt to use your favorite gluten free hamburger buns instead.  Always read your labels.

My Morning Monster Burger is just that…a monstrous burger.   After dipping the burger bun in a french toast custard batter and pan frying, I loaded this burger with a homemade hash brown patty, a scrambled egg patty, a chicken sausage patty, cheddar cheese, bacon, ketchup, and lettuce.

I began by layering shredded mozzarella cheese on each hamburger bun half.  I topped the cheese with pepperoni rounds and toasted them off in the oven until the cheese was melted.  I then added extra pepperoni, green leaf lettuce, an Italian seasoned burger, mozzarella and provolone cheeses, tomato sauce and fresh basil leaves.  The top portion of the bun was brushed with a bit of melted butter, sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese and chopped herbs.

This goes out to all of you bacon lovers out there.  This classic cheeseburger is loaded with crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onions.   The bun gets a little extra love here courtesy of some bacon dust.  I pulverized some cooked, crispy bacon into a fine crumb, brushed the edge of the bun with a bit of melted butter, then rolled the bun in the bacon crumbs.  It is crazy good!

Homemade guacamole, plum tomato slices, all beef burger, Cotija cheese, scallions, and avocado slices are spritzed with a bit of fresh lime then topped with some homemade nachos.  The top burger bun is then sliced in half and loaded with shredded cheddar cheese.  A quick trip to the oven melts the cheese inside of the bun.  This is one amazing bite!

Everything that I love about a Caesar salad wrapped up in an amazing burger.  Lettuce, red onion, and black olive slices surround a chicken burger.  The burger is topped with parmesan cheese shards.  Then I took a center slice of a burger bun, brushed all sides with olive oil, sprinkled with herbs and parmesan cheese, and toasted it in the oven.  That leaves you with one gigantic crouton disc.  Topped with fresh tomato slices, a baked parmesan cheese disc and a quick Caesar salad…you may need a bib for this one!

Yes, that’s a twirl of gluten free spaghetti on there!  This burger is loaded with melted mozzarella cheese, fire roasted tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, parmesan cheese shards, a burger topped with provolone cheese, a twist of gluten free spaghetti, and a few fresh basil leaves.  The bun is brushed with olive oil and herbs.  Amazing!

This burger was my favorite.  It was just so delicious and fresh!  Green leaf lettuce, grilled mango slices, thick cut, crispy bacon, avocado slices with lime juice and sea salt, turkey burger, pepper jack cheese, and sprouts.

A traditional double cheddar cheese burger with lettuce, tomato, bacon, and a hefty serving of homemade potato salad.   Simple, but so good!

This photo took top honors and was named the Grand Prize winner in the Respect the Bun promotional contest last year.  This burger is crazy good.  Lettuce, tomato, sauteed Vidalia onions, bacon, a monterey jack slathered burger, and a crazy serving of homemade gluten free macaroni and cheese.  Sloppy?  Oh, yes, but so, so worth it.


So, which one is your favorite?  Hopefully you’re inspired to create you own amazing burger.  Snap a photo, share it on social media, and include the hashtag #theglutenfreegathering   I can’t wait to see your creations!

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